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CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software holds all customer, partner and stakeholder information, storing details of all interactions between them and your marketing, sales and customer service teams.

Definition of CRM

With all of this information in one system, companies can collect, track and strengthen customer relationships, so they can understand, predict and fulfil customer needs.

By using customer relationship management software, it helps organisations better understand their customers so that they can anticipate needs and shape personalised offerings. By having a single customer view, organisations can collaborate, share customer knowledge and maximise sales, marketing and service efficiencies.

CRM also helps you manage not just customers but partners, members, patients, sub-contractors, recruitment, projects and service contracts.

Having a centralised customer relationship management strategy means that your CRM technology can benefit multiple teams as well as your “customer”; increase sales productivity, plan and execute marketing campaigns more effectively, improve customer experience, manage projects more closely and streamline human resource operations.

What is CRM? Discover the advantages of CRM software